Let the education begin!

90% of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, depression, hypothyroidism, acid reflux, etc… ) encountered today are related to a high consumption of fast foods and/or highly processed foods. Many medical experts actually call them “frankenfoods”. Surprisingly, these foods are also found in what we were led to believe to be a “healthy diet”, meaning high carbs and low fat.

All of these foods may create disruption in your endocrine system (your hormones) and your brain chemistry. They are considered xenoestrogens, excitotoxins, obesogens and carcinogenics ( cancer-causing) and bring systemic inflammation and dysbiosis  ( gut imbalance) as well as many more other disorders. In simple words this means “war in your body”.

NOW there is hope!   You will be happy to learn that your genetic profile only counts for a 10% role in the outcome of your overall health. Therefore, the great news is that you possess the power to radically change your health for the better.  I truly believe that a healthy diet filled with nutrient dense, real whole foods, organic clean foods will partially reverse or even entirely eliminate chronic diseases and disorders you may present.  And, I have had the pleasure to witness over the years many significant positive changes in numerous people once they followed my eating recommendations.

There is no magic pill here or quick fix… this is a long term nutrition lifestyle change. It will require 100% participation and cooperation. You will learn how to navigate a different cooking direction with new healthy goals. I will help you understand the differences, benefits and disadvantages of popular diets       ( ie: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto ) and customize an appropriate nutrition lifestyle for you.

Imagine… freedom to live your life as you always imagined… with little or no health disorders/diseases.

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