I educate my clients so that they have the tools and the knowledge to lead a healthy life without sacrificing taste and quality for convenience.

I will go into your home, and help you transition your pantry and your cooking style to achieve what no mainstream entity is talking about. Living well!

How can I claim this?

I have been working full time as a Registered Nurse since 1986. In January 2017 I became a Health Practitioner in Antiaging/Preventative/Regenerative Medicine. My interest in this new approach of medicine started in 2003 and my passion has never subsided. Along with Antiaging, I have been studying Functional Medicine which led me to numerous readings/studies/classes by reliable Physicians in this constant evolving field. During the past 3 years, I’ve acquired diverse cooking skills which I enjoy and practice on a daily basis.

It was a logical decision to combine these assets to reach my goals in helping people recover good health via food and cooking.

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